September 30, 2013

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    midem hack day – Introducing The Second midem hack day

    Saturday, 28th January 2012 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

    Keynote Matchmaking

    midem hack day 2011 was a non-stop marathon which saw developers come up with 10 new music apps or websites. One of them “Takes Questions” was born thanks to a creative collaboration between the ultra-connected artist Imogen Heap and the developers. Discover most compelling apps developed during the first hack day edition. Hear the pitch from artists, labels, managers & start-ups who submitted their hack ideas prior to midem and were selected by the hackers.

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    Barthet Mathieu Barthet Mathieu
    Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London (UK)
    Blackman Suzie Blackman Suzie
    Senior UX Designer, Moo Print (UK)
    Bonte Thomas Bonte Thomas
    CEO, MuseScore (Belgium)
    Cabello Miguel Ricardo Cabello Miguel Ricardo
    Web Developer, Mr.doob (UK)
    Coglan James Coglan James
    Software Developer, Songkick (UK)
    Coquoz Guillaume Coquoz Guillaume
    Interaction Designer, webdoc (Switzerland)
    da Silva Leandro Sabrina da Silva Leandro Sabrina
    Software Engineer, Songkick (UK)

    Sabrina Leandro works at Songkick as a Senior Software Engineer. She has been involved in various projects, including Songkick's API, search, and our events ingestion system. As an avid concert goer, she takes pride in making Songkick as perfect as it can be for all our users. Sabrina left a sunny island in Brazil to do a MSc in software engineering at Queen Mary, University of London. Before that, she worked at Grupos Internet, an e-learning company.

    About Songkick:
    Songkick is only three years old but today is the second largest concert site on the internet after Ticketmaster.  We believe an amazing concert can be a life-changing experience. The concept is based around making going to concerts as easy as it is to go to the movies. Songkick tracks your favourite artists so you never miss them live in your home town or any city internationally by creating personalised concert alerts and calenders. The site saw an impressive 800% growth in traffic in 2010. To this end, it has partnered with brands including Bandcamp, BBC, foursquare, Spotify, VEVO, Warner Music Group and YouTube. As music streaming services gain traction it has become easier to check out a new artist whether they are from Sao Paulo, San Francisco, or Cape Town, and Songkick's mobile products such as their iPhone app help fans keep track on the go.

    Songkick was awarded the Red Bull Future 50 award by Real Business magazine in 2011 and was also recognized by Music Week as the Best Consumer Digital Service in 2011. In 2010, Songkick was named one of the Top 10 Digital Music Startups by Billboard Magazine, and voted Best Innovation in BT’s 2010 Digital Music Awards.

    Davies Martyn Davies Martyn
    CEO and Creative Technologist, Six Two Productions (UK)

    Martyn Davies is a creative technologist specialising in building cool things with open data, music data and APIs through his company Six Two Productions. His clients include Universal Music Group, Warner Music, PIAS and others. Previously he was Innovation Manager at Universal Music Group and a producer and product manager for BBC Radio 1, BBC Music and BBC Introducing.

    Delfino Francesco Delfino Francesco
    Co-Founder and Engineer, musiXmatch (Italy)
    Denker Filip Denker Filip
    Product Manager, 7Digital (UK)
    Ellis Patrick Ellis Patrick
    Developer, SoundCloud (Germany)
    Fields Ben Fields Ben
    Data Scientist, Musicmetric (UK)

    Ben leads Musicmetric's data research in an attempt to wrangle some sanity into the Internet’s vast supply of horribly formed music data. He has a PhD from the Intelligent Sound and Music Systems group in the Computing Department at Goldsmith University of London; his work there focused on merging social and acoustic similarity spaces to drive playlist creation and related user-facing systems. He is an expert on metadata, structured data, the semantic web, audio signal processing and recommendation systems. He’s also a d’n’b, dubstep, and heavy bass DJ and an accredited beer judge.
    Musicmetric provides insight and understanding into global consumer behaviour online for the entertainment industry. We aggregate and analyse all manner of music related information across the Internet. From websites mentioning an artist or release, social networks frequented by music fans, peer-to-peer networks used to trade music or anywhere music fans leave a comment, we aim to be there and tracking the activity.
    Musicmetric currently tracks and indexes data for 600,000 artists and over 10 million individual releases – all in real time. And it’s growing. Our Online Buzz chart launched in Music Week in 2009, the leading music industry publication in the UK.

    Georgi Matthias Georgi Matthias
    Backend Developer, SoundCloud (Germany)
    Graham Stevie Graham Stevie
    Developer Evangelist, Twilio (UK)
    Haynes Dave Haynes Dave
    VP Business Development, SoundCloud (UK)

    Dave Haynes is VP Business Development for SoundCloud, a cloud-based music platform that allows music creators and professionals to easily distribute, share and stream audio over the web. With over a decade’s experience in the music industry, Dave currently works at the forefront of the latest trends in digital music. As well as his work for SoundCloud, he is the organiser of the OpenMusicMedia and Music Hack Day events that take place across the world. This year he was listed as one of UK’s Young Music Entrepreneurs 2010 and is also a frequent speaker at various events from TEDxCardiff to SXSW in Austin.

    Hrafnkelsson Ragnar Hrafnkelsson Ragnar
    Director, Reactify Music (UK)
    Lamere Paul Lamere Paul
    Director of Developer Platform, The Echo Nest (USA)

    Paul is the Director of Developer Platform at The Echo Nest, a research-oriented music intelligence company located in Boston MA. Paul builds music-oriented APIs that can be used by developers to build the next generation of music applications. Paul is particularly interested in using deep music data to help enable music exploration and discovery.

    Lawrence Syd Lawrence Syd
    Developer, We Make Awsome Sh (UK)
    Levtov Yuli Levtov Yuli
    Music Producer, Reactify Music (UK)

    With a strong background in audio engineering and musical performance, Yuli has worked as a freelance engineer and gigging musician for many years. He was part of the highly innovative app development company, RjDj, before going on to create his own interactive production company, Reactify Music, which drives next generations of music listening through mobile apps and sound installations. Yuli is also Production Director of 8linQ, an exciting new music games company, helping record labels monetise content through new mobile and online ventures.

    Reactify Music profile:
    Reactify Music is a unique production company that sets out to change the landscape of music creation and consumption. We collaborate with artists to explore new sonic dimensions in the form of reactive music for iOS apps as well as interactive sound installations. Our goal is to enhance the music listening experience through new technology and methods of listener interaction.

    Lindsay Adam Lindsay Adam
    Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Social Genius (USA)
    McKellar Ian McKellar Ian
    Platform Lead, Rdio (USA)

    Ian McKellar leads the developer program at Rdio. He works with partners and community developers to build innovative new music experiences on the Rdio platform. As an engineer he's also responsible for heading the development of the platform. Prior to Rdio, Ian worked on the open source music player platform Songbird, the social web browser Flock and the Danger hiptop smartphone.

    Rdio is the ground-breaking digital music service that is reinventing the way people discover, listen to, and share music. With on-demand access to over 12 million songs, Rdio connects people with music and makes it easy to search for and instantly play any song, album, artist or playlist without ever hearing a single ad. Discover what friends, people with similar tastes, recording artists and more are listening to in real-time and share across Twitter and Facebook. Build a digital music collection that’s available everywhere - on the web, in-home or in-car, on an iPad or smartphone, and even offline.
    Launched in August 2010, Rdio is headquartered in San Francisco and was founded by Janus Friis, one of the creators of Skype. Currently available in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Rdio is funded by Atomico, Janus Friis through his investment entities, Skype and Mangrove Capital Partners. For more information and to sign up, visit

    Ochshorn Robert Ochshorn Robert
    Researcher, Jan van Eyck Academie (Netherlands)
    Passant Alexandre Passant Alexandre
    CEO, Sveel (Ireland)
    Pompa Ronald Pompa Ronald
    Platform Partnership Manager, Spotify (Sweden)
    Schaefer Marcus Schaefer Marcus
    Screen Designer, SoundCloud (Germany)
    Schmidt Tobias Schmidt Tobias
    Developer, SoundCloud (Germany)
    Stewart Becky Stewart Becky
    Co-Founder, Codasign (UK)

    Codasign is an interactive arts and technology studio founded by Becky Stewart and Adam Stark in 2011. Adam and Becky are experts in interactive, creative media specializing in audio signal processing and intelligent music systems. Using software and hardware, they develop interactive works incorporating sound and video.  Their work is multi-modal: they develop public engagement projects; collaborate with artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to help them realize the technical portions of their projects; and lead workshops to teach creative technical skills.  Becky and Adam met while conducting their PhD research at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. Their work focuses on spatial audio, interfaces for exploring music collections and developing new technologies for live music interaction.

    Becky Stewart is an expert in 3D audio and interaction in musical systems. Before completing her PhD in acoustics, spatial audio and interfaces for music search with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London, she completed an MSc in music technology at the University of York and a BMus in music engineering technology and computer science at the University of Miami.  She currently is exploring how non-traditional physical interfaces like hand knit objects can be used to create and explore music.

    Uhle Johan Uhle Johan
    Independent Developer (Germany)

    Johan was born in Berlin/Germany and works there as a programmer, most recently for SoundCloud. He is involved in Music Hack Days all around the world.

    Wilson Philip Wilson Philip
    VP Technology, (UK)
    Wundersitz Ben Wundersitz Ben
    Creative Director, Beyond Hippodrome (UK)