September 30, 2013

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    Artists Speak to Artists – Meet with Kellee Maize, Drunken Tiger & T

    Sunday, 27th January 2013 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

    Speedmeeting Auditorium K (Level 4) Training

    Unsigned singer and songwriter Kellee Maize is the most downloaded female rapper on Amazon and P2P networks, thanks to her Creative Commons license. Drunken Tiger is a critically acclaimed Korean hip hop artist whose career debuted in 1999. His wife T is an influential rapper in South Korea where she is known as the Queen of Soul. Don’t miss this chance to ask them all your questions about their amazing career in hip hop music.


    Gonneau Emily Gonneau Emily

    Unicum Management, Publishing & Consulting (France)

    | Founder & President

    Emily Gonneau is a French-British Sorbonne and Political Institute of Paris Graduate.
    After living in Madrid and Prague and working a couple of years in Cosmetics (L'Oreal and Dior) in Paris & New York, she ditched a ready-made career to follow her passion and jump into the industry-formerly-know-as-music.
    After 4 instructive years at EMI where she successively worked on strategy at Continental Europe's London HQ and marketing at Capitol France, she left to start UNICUM-Management, Publishing & Consulting, a full service artist-centric firm on the look-out for the best emerging, übertalented artists with a unique edge. And she found them in OK Go, Emilie Chick (FR), Dynasty Electric (US) and Radio Radio (CA).
    Parallel to this, Emily recently opened Joe D'Ambrosio Management's European offices in Paris, representing some of the world's top "behind-the-glass" talent: producers, mixers, writers, composers, arrangers and engineers such as Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex), Hugh Padgham (Genesis, Sting, Phil Collins, The Police), Larry Gold (Kanye West, Lana del Rey...), Joe Zook (Katy Perry, OneRepublic…) and 2012 Grammy Winner Elliott Scheiner... only to name a few.
    Emily also gives regular lectures at the Sorbonne University at BA and Master levels. She also blogs for midem.


    Maize Kellee Maize Kellee

    Näkturnal (USA)

    | Rapper & Songwriter, Founder, CEO & Creative Director

    Being adopted, I had a bit of an "alien" mentality growing up. I felt drawn to attend the University of Pittsburgh where I learned about the negative sides of society. During college, I watched my mom go through a near death battle with cancer; this solidified Hip Hop as my passion and outlet.
    I worked at the Pittsburgh City Paper planning and promoting events. When my dad passed, and my birth mom wasn’t responding to my attempts to connect, I used music to cope. I founded a female owned company, Nakturnal, to help women work together. I believe that when women gather, the world will heal.
    I’ve released my fourth album, and first book nationally this year. I’m the most downloaded female rapper on and, and generated over 3.5 million YouTube views.
    I feel my purpose in life is to make music that sends out good energy that speaks to the soul, raises awareness, and creates transformation.

    Näkturnal is a female-owned agency that employs integrative marketing techniques to reach audiences in a compelling and proficient manner. While we specialize in targeting the trend setting and influencer markets, we are committed to ensuring our clients connect with their desired demographic, through strongly branded messages and viral techniques via online marketing, prolific promotional strategies, innovative sponsorship opportunities, and thought-provoking events.

    Drunken Tiger Drunken Tiger
    Hip Hop Artist/Rapper (South Korea)

    Drunken Tiger is a critically acclaimed Korean/American hip hop group which debuted in 1999 and has since released eight albums. JK was born in Seoul, 1974. At the age of 12, JK moved to Los Angeles with his family. While living in LA, JK witnessed the tension between Korean Americans and African Americans during the L.A. riots. JK, already an avid follower of hip-hop, was inspired to bridge the gap between the two ethnic cultures using his rhymes. At only 16 years old, he collaborated with Drunken Tiger member Micki Eyes and a friend, Sucram, to compete at a local hip-hop festival in 1992. He hoped that his performance as a Korean-American with other non-Koreans would relieve some of the tensions between the cultures.

    T Yoon Mirae T Yoon Mirae
    Hip Hop/R&B Artist (South Korea)

    Tasha Reid (Real Name: Natasha Shanta Reid), better known by her Korean name Yoon Mi-rae (former stage name Baby Tasha, then T), is a Korean hip hop and R&B singer and rapper, who speaks Korean and English fluently, is an influential rapper in South Korea where she is known as the Queen of Soul. Reid debuted with the hip hop and r&b group Uptown, at the age of 16. S she later formed Tashannie, a hip-hop and R&B duo in 1999 where she was the primary vocalist, alongside Annie Lee.